KTEL, the regular bus service between Hania, Rethymnon and Heraklion offers the best affordable and secure way to travel Western Crete. Tourists and locals alike are using "the bus" and take advantage of our fast and reliable transport service.


Our head office is situated in the  center of Hania, one of the three important cities at the highway in the northern part of the lovely island of Crete. From here and from Rethymnon, the other central office, busses are going to the villages of South -Western Crete. In Rethymnon we also run the regular local bus service within the city and to suburbal destinations like the University of Crete and the hotel areas east of Rethymnon until Panormo.

Furtheron we offer a regular long distance service to many destinations in Greece, especially Ioannina and Thessaloniki. We are extending our parcel courier service on Crete and to many destinations in Greece.
Since 2007 we also offerinformation about selected accommodation and shopping possibilities in our extended web site.
Please use the links for your information about our services.

Link to: http://bus-service-crete-ktel.com/default.html